How Somebody Else’s Reading of My Novel Changed My Own, a guest post by Isaac Blum

Cover art credit: Dana Ledl When I sat down to write my debut YA novel, in December of 2019, I thought I was writing a book about violent antisemitism, about worlds colliding, forbidden love, and betrayal. The novel tells the story of Hoodie Rosen, a Jewish teenager who has to figure out where—or if—he fits … Read more

How My Eleven-Year-Old Character Changed My Mind about Traditional Narrative, a guest post by Louise Hawes

I never start with a story. It’s always a character, instead, who persuades me to build a book around them. When Hazel, whose road “handle” is Hazmat and who is the protagonist of my new middle grade novel, BIG RIG, first popped into my head, I knew that if we were going to write a … Read more