Tasty Waves – Los Angeles Review of Books

SEPTEMBER 8, 2022 GEORGE FREETH may be California’s most underrecognized celebrity, a famous Los Angeles figure during his lifetime who not only seeded the sport of surfing from Hawaii, where he was born, but also established a lifeguard tradition that opened a path for American beach culture. No Freeth, no Beach Blanket Bingo. He taught … Read more

Herzog in the Jungle – Los Angeles Review of Books

AUGUST 23, 2022 WERNER HERZOG’S debut novel, The Twilight World, begins not with protagonist Hiroo Onoda but with a narrator who sounds a lot like Herzog himself. Meditative and slightly mocking, the speaker’s cadences recall the questioning and mordant voiceovers that give the German filmmaker’s documentaries their cool and pointed brilliance. Herzog likes to set … Read more

Books exploring friendship, being trans, life in Mumbai, body image, and more

Somehow, summer is already winding down. I’d like to say that I made a major dent in my TBR pile (actually, cart, see below), but for every book I read, another book appeared here. I like post-it-style reviews because it allows me to quickly share about books I enjoyed. With it being back to school … Read more

Locard’s Exchange Principle and Books, a guest post by Carmella Van Vleet

A while back, I got a Facebook message out of the blue from someone asking me if I was the Carmella who went to St. Elizabeth School in Kansas City, Missouri in 1970-something. This person was a classmate of mine from 4th grade, but, sadly, I didn’t remember who she was. Don’t feel too badly … Read more

Decline and Fall – Los Angeles Review of Books

JULY 17, 2022 CONVENTIONALLY, HISTORY HAS been about events and institutions. In the last century, however, a shift in perspective was achieved — associated especially with the name of Fernand Braudel — that considered closely the context in which events took place and institutions established themselves. Attention was now paid to geography — the constraints … Read more

Getting Children with Learning Differences to Love Books, a guest post by Alma Fullerton

When I go into schools and speak to children, the first thing I ask is, “Who here likes to read?” Everyone puts up their hands. Then I ask, “Who here is lying about liking to read?” There are usually a lot of laughs and a lot of hands up. Once the laughter dies down, I … Read more