The Body of Thought: On Markus Gabriel’s “The Meaning of Thought”

OCTOBER 23, 2022 FLAUBERT ONCE SAID, “on ne peut penser et écrire qu’assis” (“one can think and write only when seated”), a statement Rodin seemed to endorse in his portentous statue The Thinker, which makes thinking look like an assiduous bout with constipation. Nietzsche took exception to Flaubert’s dictum, declaring: “The sedentary life is the … Read more

Books exploring friendship, being trans, life in Mumbai, body image, and more

Somehow, summer is already winding down. I’d like to say that I made a major dent in my TBR pile (actually, cart, see below), but for every book I read, another book appeared here. I like post-it-style reviews because it allows me to quickly share about books I enjoyed. With it being back to school … Read more