Blind faith

Overseeing her house move, the elderly Mrs Carter is worried about her jewelry being damaged in transit. Emma, ​​from the removals firm, tries to reassure her. “It’s all just gold and silver and gemstones!”, she says. “They each have a very uniform, a very well-defined, crystalline structure. They show up really beautifully on the analysis … Read more

The Stars Are Blind | Anna Dorn

A few years ago, while between jobs, I started doing astrology readings for cash. I got the idea to charge for my hobby in the Vegas airport, on a layover, drinking a beer at the Dolly Parton slots. Something about being surrounded by people making petty cash doing basically nothing inspired me to turn my … Read more

Blind loyalty?

In this spirited book, James I. Porter identifies not one but three Homeric questions. First, when, how and by whom were the Eliad and the Odyssey actually composed (that is, the Homeric Question as we traditionally know it)? Second, how should we interpret the poems? And third, how does Homer work as a figure of … Read more