Wearable Technologies Are Giving Us Superpowers—I’m Hopeful, but Also Worried; a guest post by author Elaine Kachala

Back at university, I took a Sociology of Health and Illness course, which really hooked me and led me to a new career path. I’d worked as a medical technologist, made my way into hospital management, and considered doing a master’s in health care administration. But this sociology course started me thinking about the social, … Read more

Cranking Up the Creep-factor with Author Lygia Day Peñaflor

by Derek Ivie Infatuation, desperation, and complicated relationships are at the center of Lygia Day Peñaflor’s newest YA novel, Creep: A Love Story published on September 27th. Readers will squirm (in the best way possible) as high school sophomore Rafi’s obsession with popular couple Laney and Nico boils over. Lygia discusses her inspirations, the art … Read more

Traditions in Life and Literature, a guest post by author Jessica Vitalis

I was not raised in a family that held much stock in traditions. Sure, there was cake at birthdays, a Christmas tree at Christmas, and an egg hunt at Easter, but those traditions were viewed more as strange than as anything set in stone––we were a transient family, and there was often little room in … Read more

Why Do Friendships End?, a guest post by author Carol Dines

Author Carol Dines joins us today to talk about the inspiration for her latest YA novel, The Take-Over Friend. The idea of ​​BFFs forever and the media’s portrayal of friendship, particularly those of teenage girls, often sets up the expectation that you find your lifetime best friend early and you grow old together, weathering the … Read more

The Strong Female Character, a guest post by author Lauren Magaziner

When I was a kid, I was told—on more than one occasion—that I was a little “too much.” What that meant changed in the eye of the beholder. An acquaintance once told me I was too enthusiastic about things—that I needed to be more chill. A friend said I was always trying too hard to … Read more

The Importance of Seeing Ourselves in Stories, a guest post by author Misty Wilson

There is a universal truth that applies to nearly everyone: we want to feel like we belong. Even us introverts—the ones who’d rather hang out by ourselves on the weekends—need our people. The people we can turn to when things get hard, when we need advice, when we’re bored and just want to chat. When … Read more

How Poetry Helped Me Overcome My Learning Disability and Become an Author, a guest post by Alora Young

I have always been a daydreamer. My mom says I used to talk myself to sleep at night. My brain moved too fast for its own good, and I was always consumed by shiny stories and tales that regaled my young mind. I started talking at ten months old and never stopped. When I began … Read more

Solving the Mystery of Character and Point of View, a guest post by author AL Tait

When I started writing The Fire Star, the first book in the Maven & Reeve Mystery series, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the whole novel-writing caper. after all, The Fire Star was my seventh middle-grade novel, and my eleventh published book! Surely I knew what I was doing… I already knew … Read more

Writing of Ghosts when the World is Grieving, a guest post by author Helene Dunbar

When I was 15, I worked behind the snack counter in a movie theater. I wasn’t an huge fan of movies or anything, but it was fun and I liked the popcorn and the pale candied almonds which would become bleached by the lights of the glass case and given to staff because we couldn’t … Read more