To the memory of an angel

Everyone in 1930s Vienna seemed to be agreed that Manon Gropius was an angel. Her mother, Alma Mahler Werfel, said so; her father, Walter Gropius, called her an angel in his letters, as did Elias Canetti in his memoirs; to Franz Horch, Manon’s drama teacher, she was “the image of an angel”; the psychologist Martha … Read more

“Our Energy Is the Epilogue of Empires”: On Angel Dominguez’s “Desgraciado”

JULY 29, 2022 “THIS BROWN BODY in repose is never quite in repose, always in question of who will see it, and they will be a threat — do I die today, like this? — this body fully of colonization-dystrophy with its instinct to feed upon the flesh of my oppressor?” writes Angel Dominguez in … Read more