Sister Acts, a guest post by Amanda Sellet

In the spring of 2018, I began brainstorming the book that would become BELITTLED WOMEN.

Those early scribblings are a mix of research notes and favorite quotes and wild-eyed what-ifs that gradually cooked down into an over-the-top story about a family of Little women re-enactors. Instead of retelling the plot of Louisa May Alcott’s iconic novel, this chaotic homage takes a sideways approach, evoking (and poking fun at) the original while meditating on the power of stories – the ones we tell ourselves, and those imposed on us by others. . There are plenty of Little women Easter eggs, but also jokes.

Okay, fine: mostly jokes. To the point of parody.

(Consider yourselves warned.)

Sarcasm and slapstick notwithstanding, I also wanted to channel the spirit of the original, with its overarching themes of family and growing up and worrying about money and wanting more. And perhaps also a more literal “spirit.” At the top of a college-lined page, I jotted down the following query: