Series are the “Comfort Food” of the Book World, a guest post by Erin Soderberg Downing

I’ve always been an avid series reader. I grew up alongside the members of the Baby-sitter’s Club, devoured Ramona and Fudge (always envious of, and thrilled by, their naughtiness), tested limits with Jessica and Elizabeth in Sweet Valley High imagination, learned how to embrace and cherish my strange Inside Sachar’s Wayside School, comforted myself on hard days with the gentle adventures of Frog and Toad, and learned plenty about survival and hardship from Little House on the Prairie.

As a kid, my mom would often drop me off at the public library down the block from her office on long, eventless summer days, and I would spend hours curled up on the stained orange sofa in the kids’ section, reading or rereading any book I could find from one of my favorite series. I was fortunate, because we did get to travel quite a bit and had plenty of family adventures when I was a kid…but it was never enough for me. I’m an only child and an extrovert, so the long months of summer break always stretched out in front of me, too empty and boring, and I craved more drama than real life could ever provide. Luckily, I found out early on that the adventures and characters in my favorite series kept me busy and kept me company.