Writing An Unconventional Love Story In Young Adult Fiction, a guest post by Kate Stollenwerck 

My debut novelHello, Goodbye, has many elements at play— adventure, mystery, humor, and romance—but, at its core, lies a love story. But the great love of this tale isn’t romantic love, but rather the pure, unconditional love shared between a grandparent and grandchild. I first had the idea for this love story over twenty years … Read more

“A Language So Musical and Magical”: On Volodymyr Rafeyenko’s “Mondegreen: Songs about Death and Love”

AUGUST 1, 2022 ONCE, WHEN HER MOTHER was reading her poems from an 18th-century book of popular ballads, American writer Sylvia Wright had a curious auditory experience. The words “laid him on the green” were transformed in her ears into “Lady Mondegreen,” an error to which she admitted publicly in a 1954 article in Harper’s … Read more

TLC Scholarship 2022 – The Literary Consultancy

We are delighted to announce that the TLC Scholarship is returning for 2022. Through the Scholarship, TLC offers one selected writer free access to TLC’s popular 12-month Chapter and Verse Premium mentorship program with a publishing industry editor, working one-on-one to develop their writing and complete their novel. The scholarship is open to writers from … Read more

The Dark Side of the New Hollywood: On Jon Lewis’s “Road Trip to Nowhere”

JULY 30, 2022 THE MANSON MURDERS rocked Hollywood and the nation in 1969. Joan Didion, who was living in Los Angeles at the time, recalled that “no one was surprised.” The affluent Hollywood Hills were rife with questionable characters on the margins of the film industry, who took many high-profile victims along the way. Maybe … Read more

Coconuts, Corporations: On Vauhini Vara’s “The Immortal King Rao”

JULY 30, 2022 TALLYING THE VARIOUS uses of the coconut, the 20th-century agriculturist Frederic Rosengarten Jr. writes that “[e]very part” of the crop can be “utilized for some human need.” Citing the amount of protein found in one coconut’s meat, the versatility of its shell and coir, and the approximate amount of lumber provided by … Read more

“Our Energy Is the Epilogue of Empires”: On Angel Dominguez’s “Desgraciado”

JULY 29, 2022 “THIS BROWN BODY in repose is never quite in repose, always in question of who will see it, and they will be a threat — do I die today, like this? — this body fully of colonization-dystrophy with its instinct to feed upon the flesh of my oppressor?” writes Angel Dominguez in … Read more