Pretending the Unhoused Away

IN THE 1920s, Herbert Croly wrote of the sense of malleability that prevailed across Southern California, a place “in which almost any kind of house is practical and almost any kind of plant will grow.” A brief walk through Los Angeles’s Silver Lake neighborhood confirms this impression, showing off midcentury modern mansions poured from concrete, … Read more

The less deceived

“We shall have stamped our taste on the age between us at the end.” So boasted Philip Larkin in 1974, of his and Kingsley Amis’s influence on English literary culture. The occasion of the boast was Amis’s invitation to edit The New Oxford Book of Light Verse (1978), the successor to WH Auden’s edition of … Read more

Glory, turmoil and freedom?

Postwar Modern opens with an unofficial announcement of the end of war: the unforgettable photograph of Lee Miller taking a bath in Hitler’s tub. On arriving in Munich, she and her fellow war photographer David Scherman had wrangled a billet in a house where the 45th Division had set up a command post. Apparently, the … Read more

Getting history wrong

This uncompromising novel denies its readers many of the pleasures of fiction. More concerned with the ambiguity of ideas than with clarity of plot or character, it is a heartfelt celebration of the life of the mind – though its defiance is qualified by the wryness we would expect from Julian Barnes. Neil, the narrator, … Read more

how to get and assign them

International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) are important for self publishers. Some printers, print-on-demand publishers, and ebook vendors will offer to provide you with an ISBN, but it’s usually better to get your own. Part of the ISBN includes a “publisher number,” which is assigned to a specific publisher. Therefore, if you allow another company to … Read more

The Art of Co-authoring and Collaboration, a guest post by Katie and Kevin Tsang

The Key to Co-Authoring Some people might think that writing a book with someone you are close with (in our case, a spouse) is a recipe for disaster. Luckily for us, we’ve figured out ways to make it work, and the result is books we are super proud of. Whenever we do school visits, students … Read more


THE LITERARY CONSULTANCY CELEBRATES ITS GROUND-BREAKING STORY WITH DANCE, POETRY, FILM, AND A LIVE PODCAST The in-person party, at London’s Fora Conservatory, is the high point in a year-round program of creative content and events from The Literary Consultancy (TLC) Testimonies of TLC’s impact are flooding in as a “digital kitchen table” collects anniversary wishes, … Read more

The Paris Review – Re-Covered: I Leap Over the Wall by Monica Baldwin

In Re-Covered, Lucy Scholes exhumes the out-of-print and forgotten books that shouldn’t be. Photograph by Lucy Scholes. Ten years after Monica Baldwin voluntarily entered an enclosed religious order of Augustinian nuns, she began to think she might have made a mistake. She had entered the order on October 26, 1914, shortly after the outbreak of … Read more

Steinbeck the magical realist

Of the quartet of American male modernist writers born on the threshold of the twentieth century – F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896), William Faulkner (1897), Ernest Hemingway (1899) and John Steinbeck (1902) – three would be awarded Pulitzer and Nobel prizes for literature (Fitzgerald would not). But despite his popularity with readers, critics have often considered … Read more