Not Biting on These Vampire Tropes, a guest post by Sasha Laurens

Do you ever stop and wonder, are vampire romances doing okay? Aren’t some kind of problematic things going on? My YA sapphic vampire romance, Youngbloodhas been called out for its fresh take on vampires, and that was no accident: a lot of those conventions needed updating. Here’s how and why I flipped some of these vamplit tropes on their heads.

Bad Boys for Life: In a paranormal romance, a vampire is the ultimate bad boy—and I say boy, because that’s how it usually is (with some great exceptions, like Isabel Sterling’s The Coldest Touch). He’s emotionally tortured by the moral dilemma of whether to snack on humans/kill them indiscriminately/eat animals instead. Living forever is rough!. Once he meets that special girl, his lust is so overwhelming, he might bleed her dry, destroying the thing he loves by killing her or turning her into a monster.