Liz Lawson and Kathleen Glasgow in Conversation

Kathleen: Liz, tell me why you wanted to write a mystery and more importantly, why on earth would you choose me as your co-writer?

Liz: Hello, Kathleen! I’d say, we chose each other, wouldn’t you? I’ve loved mysteries since I was a little girl, and grew up reading all sorts of cozies, from Agatha Christie to Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys series. At the beginning of 2020 when lockdown started, writing another sad book felt overwhelming. We started chatting about how we wanted to write something fun… something that would give readers a break from the stresses of the world, and a mystery felt like just the thing. I’m still amazed that we pulled it off!

Kathleen: I read a lot of Nancy Drew growing up, too, and then gravitated toward true crime, like In Cold Blood and quite a few other books that were very dark stories about very dark things. One of the things I loved most about writing this book with you was how organic it was. We chatted about writing, we gradually found our plots, our characters, we kept things easy and engaging and it was a joy to sit with another writer (even though we are in different time zones) and be able to share a story in real time . Another very cool thing is that…we wrote this book in secret. We did not have a book deal, we didn’t tell our agents or editor (we share an editor, which is how we met in real life). This book was…just allowed to grow.