Literally Bringing Readers Into the Story through Interactive Serial Novels, a guest post by Beth Revis

It took a pandemic for me to experiment with serial novels, but I never thought it would totally change both the way I write and the way I interact with readers.

In 2020, as Covid had me tucked in my house and craving at least a little human interaction, Amazon announced a new writing program called Kindle Vella. It was Amazon’s answer to Wattpad and other online platforms, a union of the behemoth of the corporate giant and the vast readership of serial novels. And here, I thought, was a chance for me to blend together my love of Dungeons and Dragons (my team being another casualty of canceled pandemic plans) as well as the classic Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style novels. I could write a story one chapter at a time, using reader input to shape the overall plot. I got my feet wet with my first serialized novel, Blood and Feathers. Readers voted at a handful of key turning points, but I wanted to raise reader involvement even more.