Let’s Talk About Coming Out (in Life and Fiction), a guest post by Jen Ferguson

I’m out on twitter and have been for a long-ish while. At least, I’m out as a kick-ass demisexual. I don’t often talk about the fact that my attraction, when it shows up, isn’t confined by any specific gender. That being said, as much as some of us think so, the internet isn’t everything. I am not out—in any way—in most of my other life spaces. I’ve only started being okay calling myself queer in academic spaces, and only because I’ve been anticipating my debut YA release. On May 10, 2022, when The Summer of Bitter and Sweet publishes, that will be, my official public “coming out.”

Oof. That’s heavy.

Exciting in some ways. Absolutely, completely bloody terrifying in others.

We’ve been taught by YA books (I’m looking at you, Simon and the Homosapien Agenda) and other media (the accidental outing of Patrick to his parents on Schitt’s Creek) that If you don’t come out and come out fast enough and come out widely enough, a come out will be forced upon you. It’s so pervasive, it’s become a literary trope.