Lerner Publishing Group Showcase Fall 2022

The weeks of summer vacation are winding down and one of the things I will miss most when I head back to school is not being home to immediately open all the great book mail that shows up at my house. I have a whole system for the massive amounts of books that appear here: tweet the books, add them to various book mail posts, sort them into things I will definitely read, books that will likely be good options for post-it note reviews, books I may want consider reading, and books that I likely won’t read. Then I read whatever, review it if it grabbed my attention, and send all the books back out somewhere in the world (often to my school or my kid’s high school). I also read in order of publication date to try to keep a handle on this whole thing. I do like a system!

Pull out your TBR lists or get ready to add to the orders for books that stock your library or classroom shelves. Today I’m sharing with you new and forthcoming titles from Lerner Publishing Group. All annotations are from the publisher.