Is Social Media Making You Anxious? Me, too, a guest post by Deb Caletti

I don’t know about you, but in the fall of 2020, I was anxious. If you’ve read my books (The Nature of Jade and A Heart in a Body in the World, in particular), you can probably guess that anxiety is usually a struggle for me. But add a global pandemic and world events that felt entirely out of control, and, well . . . I felt like I was steering a ship in a storm when I knew nothing about steering a ship in a storm. One thing I had no doubt about: time online and on social media was making this anxiety worse. The message that kept hitting and hitting as I kept scrolling and scrolling was that imminent disaster was everywhere, likely to happen at any moment. Meanwhile, I tried to slap up pretty images on Instagram and Facebook, plugging the leaks and bailing the water of the sinking ship.

Admittedly, my relationship with social media was already rocky. I was certain of this from twelve million articles describing the Ten Signs of Unhealthy Relationship. Was there intensity between me and my partner, aka social media? Yep. Isolation? You betcha. Was my partner, social media, critical of me? Hahaha. Indeed. Manipulative? Can you say “filter”? Was I afraid to say what was really on my mind around them? Could I be myself? Are you kidding?! Did I feel drained when we were together? Did I walk on eggshells? Yes, yes, yes! Did I like who I was when I was around them? HECK NO, unless you like when you feel small and insecure and overwhelmed.