how to write about food poverty in children’s literature, a guest post by Daisy May Johnson

Hi! My name is Daisy May Johnson and I’m the author of How To Be Brave and How To Be True. My books are about a group of girls who attend a boarding school called The School Of The Good Sisters and the adventures that they all get up to. The first thing you need to know is that the Good Sisters in question are a bunch of rather remarkable nuns. They teach the useful things in life like how to abseil off a building or how to ask for a slice of cake in Klingon and how to stick up seems for your best friends when all very lost.

One of the big themes in all of my books is food. The girls are very into their cake and food and won’t ever plan an adventure until they’ve worked out who’s going to bring along the sandwiches and when they’ll stop for lunch. Whether it’s discussing the evils of kale or unexpected jam in chocolate cake (spoiler: the worst), Calla, Edie and Hanna and all their friends know that food is important.