How I Will PROTECT YOU Fills a Gap in Holocaust Education, a guest post by Danica Davidson

There are a number of Holocaust books out there aimed for kids, but there’s nothing like I Will Protect Youa new middle grade (8+) nonfiction book published by Little, Brown that twin Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor and I wrote. I Will Protect You was written to fill a gap in Holocaust education.

Eva was an amazing woman — as an elementary school-aged child, she and her twin Miriam survived the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. This is nearly unheard of, as most children would automatically have been sent to the gas chambers. But because Eva and Miriam were twins, and because there was a Nazi doctor experimenting on twins, it saved them from the gas chambers and gave them a chance to survive. As an adult, Eva dedicated her life to Holocaust education. When I met her after one of her many speeches, and she discovered I was an author of 16 middle grade and YA books, she told me what her dream was: to write a children’s book of her survival.