Garvey in the Dark, a guest post by Nikki Grimes

Wait! What? This guy on

the news is saying some kid

in LA just died

from this new virus, and He

was not much older than me!

Suddenly, the earth

is cracking under my feet…

That’s an excerpt from my new novel, Garvey in the Darkand those last two lines describe how most of us felt during the early months of 2020. A deadly new virus raging across the world with mixed-messages about how best to protect ourselves from it, proved a nauseating concoction. That was further compounded by the incomprehensible murder of George Floyd at the hands of police, in the virtual public square, which led to massive, world-wide protests. Combined, this was enough to knock us off our feet.

All in all, as an adult, I found 2020 hard to take in. Police violence against unarmed Black people has long been common, but daily reports of it on the nightly news were not. Coupled with the loss of life due to COVID, death, it seemed, was suddenly everywhere. We scarcely needed a boot on our necks to find it impossible to breathe.