Creating Teen Book Bundles to Increase Circulation, an Experiment

By day, I work at the Fort Worth Public Library system in the Collection Development department (important note: this is my private and personal blog, they just let me talk about the cool stuff we do there sometimes). FWPL is a 17 branch system and like all large systems, we have branches of varying sizes. This means that for some of the smaller branches as we get new books in, older titles with less circulation are moved into a type of storage at our largest branch. Patrons can place holds on the titles and still get them sent out, but most of the titles end up “dead” in a few years, which is the nature of the beast. However, I wanted to do an experiment and see if I could utilize the concept of book bundles to increase our overall teen fiction circulation. And using these so called “dead” titles (really, storage titles), was the best starting place for my experiment.

Pulling and Organizing Books for the Books Bundles

To create the book bundles, I cruised the shelves and looked for any title that had 2 or more titles in storage. For my experiment, I ended up pulling roughly 163 titles. Many of the titles I knew, but there were some that I didn’t . So now I needed to figure out how to bundle them in a time effective way.