Cranking Up the Creep-factor with Author Lygia Day Peñaflor

by Derek Ivie

Infatuation, desperation, and complicated relationships are at the center of Lygia Day Peñaflor’s newest YA novel, Creep: A Love Story published on September 27th. Readers will squirm (in the best way possible) as high school sophomore Rafi’s obsession with popular couple Laney and Nico boils over. Lygia discusses her inspirations, the art of writing complex characters, and her vote for proper milkshake viscosity!

Our title Creep: A Love Story feels like it has opposing forces at work. How do you think this speaks to the essence of the book?

The title definitely sets the tone. There is opposition at work throughout the book. Rafi is a lonely outsider. And Laney and Nico are the happiest, most popular couple at Holy Family High School. When Rafi and the couple collide, Rafi feels an instant connection, but the two barely notice her. Rafi becomes desperate for their attention. This can only lead to disaster.