The Importance of Seeing Ourselves in Stories, a guest post by author Misty Wilson

There is a universal truth that applies to nearly everyone: we want to feel like we belong. Even us introverts—the ones who’d rather hang out by ourselves on the weekends—need our people. The people we can turn to when things get hard, when we need advice, when we’re bored and just want to chat. When … Read more

Bridging Technology and the Middle School Library

This past year, I had the opportunity to attend the annual NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Conference (NEIT) for New York Independent School Librarians and Technologists. During the conference, I realized that while there is some understanding of what connects librarians and technologists (it is one conference after all), I work in a unique learning … Read more

Urban Settings in Middle Grade Novels, a guest post by Sally Engelfried and Melissa Dassori

Middle grade novels are full of exploration. While families are present and often powerful forces, middle grade protagonists are discovering themselves, navigating changing friendships, and gaining independence—or wishing they could. Urban neighborhoods provide unique environments for these coming-of-age stories, and city settings are integral to both our recent debut novels. For Sally, Daphne of Learning … Read more

The Power of Writing Down a Goal, a guest post by Anita Kharbanda

When I was young, I thought writing books was for people with PhDs in English who attended Ivy league universities. And authors were definitely not South Asian, no no. We were meant to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers. We kept our heads down, studied hard, and helped keep high-ranking school districts at an A rating … Read more

Writing About Sexual Harassment for Middle Grade Readers, a guest post by Catherine Arguelles

Cover art by Carl Pearce In 2016, as #MeToo trended and stories of sexual harassment rose in the media, I came across this study examining sexual harassment in middle schools. While I certainly remembered incidents of catcalls and inappropriate behavior in middle school, it alarmed me to read that nearly half of the middle schoolers … Read more

How Somebody Else’s Reading of My Novel Changed My Own, a guest post by Isaac Blum

Cover art credit: Dana Ledl When I sat down to write my debut YA novel, in December of 2019, I thought I was writing a book about violent antisemitism, about worlds colliding, forbidden love, and betrayal. The novel tells the story of Hoodie Rosen, a Jewish teenager who has to figure out where—or if—he fits … Read more

Read, Baby, Read Presents Early Literacy Ideas: Bedtime! – Blog

Read, Baby, Read is a Free Library initiative focused on encouraging early literacy development among infants and young toddlers under two years old. We work with 17 participating libraries across Philadelphia to reach caregivers of all ages, providing resources that support early literacy skills, language development, and purposeful play. You can find early literacy tips … Read more