A Gaggle of “Onlies,” a guest post by Kellye Crocker

When I was young, I gobbled up classics like All-of-a-Kind Family, The Boxcar Childrenand Little Women. (I still haven’t fully forgiven Amy for her crime against Jo’s manuscript.) Big, boisterous families—so different from mine—enthralled me. By the time my sister was born, I’d been an only child until for nine years, 10 months and 28 days.

As I started writing Dad’s Girlfriend and Other Anxieties, it was clear 12-year-old Ava was an only child. Although Ava’s situation is somewhat unusual—her mom died shortly after giving birth—Ava isn’t alone in her “onliness.” This year, I’ve been reading as many middle-grade novels from fellow debut authors as I can, and I’ve enjoyed several centering only children in a variety of genres.