A Book About Grief? Why Should I Read That?! a guest post by Linda Epstein

“So what’s your book about?” might be the hardest question for an author to answer. Well, this author, anyway. Me, that is. Besides being a writer, I’m also a literary agent, so I am adept at the art of the elevator pitch, and I do know how to succinctly sum up a story. Well, other people’s stories, anyway! When I’m in a casual conversation I automatically think folks want a short answer when they ask about my book. The problem is, chatting about my own work, I’m just not good at short answers. Should my reply just be a recounting of the major plot points and the ways the main character learns and grows? Maybe. Or should I talk about some of the themes that run through the story? Perhaps.

I guess I don’t think replying that way gets to the real question that I believe lies following the question, “So what’s your book about?” Because I think what people are really asking is, “What about this book will appeal to me?” and “Tell me why I should read it.”