The Paris Review – Michelle de Kretser and David Orr Recommend; Our Editors Remember Hilary Mantel

Gabriel Mälesskircher, Saint Guy Healing a Possessed Manpublic domain, via Wikimedia Commons. This week, we remember Hilary Mantel (1952–2022), and bring you recommendations from two of our issue no. 241 contributors. On holiday in France, I went to Colmar to see the Isenheim Altarpiece in the Musée Unterlinden. Afterward, wandering through the museum’s collection of … Read more

The inspiration behind My Name is Magic, a guest post by Xan van Rooyen 

Music is life. Other people need oxygen—I need music. So… more than a decade ago, I watched a random indie movie called Teenage Dirtbag. While I loved the movie, Iadored the soundtrack. One song in particular hit me really hard. It’s called You’re not Gonna Save Me by Geno Lenardo (sadly, it’s not on Spotify … Read more

Imperfect Wisdom: On Rachel Aviv’s “Strangers To Ourselves”

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 TOWARD THE END of the 20th century, the conventional wisdom around mental illness changed, with biomedical explanations blotting out Freud’s psychoanalytic theories about its root causes. In her new book Strangers to Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make UsRachel Aviv, a journalist and staff writer at The New Yorker, steps … Read more

La morte della anastrozole side effects e come evitarla

Comprar clenbuterol costa rica beste dianabol kur, aumentar testosterona natural Très bon produit 2 x 10mg et le. Dopo aver testato i nostri prodotti e servizi, sono determinati a condividere con tutti il loro nuovo legittimo fornitore. È uno degli steroidi anabolizzanti più utili che qualsiasi uomo abbia mai usato. Comprare TestoPrime, booster naturale di … Read more

Masculinity Is the New Prey: On Ander Monson’s “Predator”

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 ANDER MONSON HAS WATCHED Predator 146 times. He was 12 years old when the movie came out in 1987, which partially accounts for his obsession. Predator is one of those loud, dumb movies that became a kind of lingua franca for American boys and man-children of a certain age. They loved recreating … Read more

Death becomes them

The Mysterious Romance of Murder is not meant as a replacement, or an updating, of critical surveys of the detective genre such as Julian Symons’s Bloody Murder (1972) or David Lehman’s own The Perfect Murder: A study in detection (1989), which covers a wide historical range and includes a reading list. Rather, as Lehman explains … Read more

The deer hunter

Felix Salten’s Bambi (1923) has come down to posterity, principally, in the shape of the 1942 film concocted by Walt Disney. The first English translation, originally subtitled “A life in the woods” and published in 1928 by Simon and Schuster, sold 650,000 copies before the film was released. In 2019 Clydesdale Classics, a Simon and … Read more

Strongest links

In February 1972 President Nixon received an assessment from the US National Security Council of the weakness of the South Vietnamese army. Against the advice of his Secretary of Defense, Melvin Laird, who cautioned against reinforcements on the basis that this would a lack of confidence in the Vietnamese forces, Nix ordered a further aircraft … Read more

Trouble in paradise

J. Bradford (“Brad”) DeLong, a macro-economist and economic historian (and deputy secretary at the US Treasury under President Bill Clinton), has written a history of the “long” twentieth century, which he situates between 1870 and 2010. It is explicitly and instructively contrasted with Eric Hobsbawm’s history of the “short” twentieth century, from the outbreak of … Read more